"Ultima came to stay with us the summer I was almost seven. When she came the beauty of the llano unfolded before my eyes, and the gurgling waters of the river sang to the hum of the turning earth. The magical time of childhood stood still, and the pulse of the living earth pressed its mystery into my living blood."
Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ed Sandoval

One of our best days I have completely forgotten to mention. Wednesday we saw Ed Sandoval paint in his studio. This was by far one of everyone’s favorite days. Ed was so personable and lovely and we all watched so intently as he built this wonderful painting right in front of us. His darling dog, Chocolate (Choc-O-lat-EY) was also a trip, he jumped all over the place and ran around the studio with Kristen’s scarf in his mouth like he was the king of the world.

At the end I had asked if he would sell me one of his pallets that he paints from because it really was the most amazing amalgamation of colors. Instead of selling it to me he just gave it to me! And he autographed it and drew his signature ‘el viejo’ (old man from the Milagro Bean Field Wars which was a movie we had watched earlier in the week which was filmed in Taos).

All in all, This was definitely one of our best days in Taos and I think that Ed will forever hold a special place in all of our thoughts.

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